4 Tips to Find Reputable Propane Dealers

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Propane requirements are a very real need in the processing and manufacturing sectors. Finding a reputable propane dealer shouldn't be a challenge, but there are a few things to consider.

Delivery Truck Size 

Having enough propane to meet the demands of your business should never be a concern. Seek out a propane dealer like Apollo Propane Inc who is capable of delivering a sufficient quantity of propane. Also, select a dealer who can meet demand helps keep costs down.

This means their trucks are large enough to come fill up your tank with one fill, or he has a large enough fleet to regularly meet your demand. Taking delivery of propane multiple times per week may be necessary in some rare cases, but it's a less than ideal situation to have to pay employees and delivery costs that frequently. 

Maintenance Service

Propane dealers should also offer total propane system maintenance service. Look for a dealer that provides the following services:

  • Regulator replacement or modification
  • Alterations or repairs to any propane plumbing 
  • Propane tank moving
  • Valve replacement
  • Pressure testing
  • Propane vaporizer installation and repair
  • Conversion to propane for any existing equipment
  • Leak testing and leak repair 

Routine system maintenance will prevent any catastrophes, and prevent any large non-catastrophic break downs. Reducing downtime improves your profitability, so take care to hire a propane company that has qualified maintenance technicians. 

Fair Pricing 

The sale of propane is a heavily regulated industry. Weights and Measures bureaus ensure that any unsavory business practices are immediately addressed and sanctioned. If you suspect that you're getting less than your money's worth immediately address the matter with the company. Perhaps it was a simple oversight. If the problem continues your local government has the authority to intervene and they should be notified. 

Design and Installation

Your propane firm should be able to help you determine exactly what your monthly usage should be, what size tank you need, what additional appliances (if any) your design lacks for your anticipated output, and any other design considerations. In addition to design work your local propane dealer should take care of the installation of whatever design you agree to implement. 

Carefully and confidently searching for the right person who is passionate about propane and propane accessories will ensure that you have a valued partnership that is mutually beneficial for many years to come. For more information or tips, contact local propane suppliers.